Friday, November 27, 2015

How Well Does a Rock Mulch Work?

Weeds Growing through Rock Mulch, © B. Radisavljevic
Weeds Growing through Rock Mulch
As I was walking around my neighborhood Tuesday, I happened to pass the yard of a neighbor who had replaced his lawn with rocks. I noticed, though, that nature still abhors a vacuum, and it appears his drought resistant plants that will replace the lawn will be weeds. Were they the right weeds, they might actually be pretty until they died in the heat of summer, but these don't have such dramatic flowers as milk thistle and poison hemlock. It appears the only way to remove these would be to spray or to pull.

If one has to pull weeds from a rocky surface, it is very useful to have something to save one's knees. Here's what I chose: I Love My Garden Kneeler. The article will show me using it.

Maybe you would prefer one of these cheaper options. I have tried some of the pads available at Walmart and they just did not offer much knee protection on hard or rocky surfaces. They only lasted a season. If you opt for only a pad, be sure you get a thick one that will protect your knees.

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