Thursday, November 19, 2015

Heritage Gallery West - Sheryl Knight on Display

Sheryl Knight's Plein Air Paintings

One thing I loved about my visits to Heritage Gallery West  (now only online) is that although I may have gone to see the work of one artist,  the exhibits were designed in such as way that I couldn't help but notice the work of others. On this visit, I went to see the work of Sheryl Knight, whom I had met once before at an exhibit of her plein air paintings at Studios on the Park years ago.  This painting is one I saw hanging in the Heritage Gallery West display. You can click to enlarge it for a better look. It was painted on the Central Coast. You will see a better photo of it on her Facebook Page.

Heritage Gallery West - Sheryl Knight on Display
"Evening Cypress" by Sheryl Knight

Of course, her work was spread throughout the gallery. Sheryl painted most of  the work in  this section while on a trip to the British Isles. Because of the way the display was set up, I also noticed the horse on the table, "Radiante," created by Tom Voiss in bronze. He has other sculptures on display here, as well, but I will have to  show them in future posts.

"Radiante" Horse Sculpture by Tom Voiss

Heritage Gallery West - Sheryl Knight on Display

Here's a close-up  of "Radiante." To see any of this artwork as it should be seen, you need to come into the gallery on 13th Street, right downtown in Paso Robles. The sculptures, especially, need to be seen from every angle to fully  appreciate them.

Heritage Gallery West - Sheryl Knight on Display
"Radiante" by Tom Voiss, photo © B. Radisavljevic

Since this gallery focuses on Western Art, horses seem to be everywhere. It kind of makes me see where this photographer is coming from.

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