Thursday, January 3, 2019

Too Good to Forget: "Lighten Up" at Studios on the Park

Remembering the Past at Studios on the Park

This blog preserves what I find interesting in Paso Robles. Of course, I can't keep track of everything that interests me or I wouldn't have time to go enjoy it, but I try to make frequent visits to Studios on the Park. Much that is worthy to remember from there happened before this blog started. This "Lighten Up" exhibit had lamps designed by many of my favorite artists.

Many artists in residence back in January 2014 whose work I feature here are no longer there. Many artists not in residence also exhibit their work here. I featured Dale Evers' contribution to this exhibit on my Tidbits from Templeton blog which preceded this one. See his amazing lamp here. Laure Carlisle was also in residence then. So was Joe Thomas. This post will show some of what I skipped when I wrote the first post on that event.

Too Good to Forget: "Lighten Up" at Studios on the Park

Hanging Lights

In the photo above you can see the display of lamps hanging in the atrium. The one in the foreground was painted by Anne Laddon.  One of my favorites isn't visible in this shot, so I'll show it to you below. The title is "Smudge and Squiggle" -- the mascots of Studios on the Park. This lampshade was created by Joe Thomas.

Too Good to Forget: "Lighten Up" at Studios on the Park

Table and Floor Lamps

Most of the lamps on display were table lamps, with only a few floor lamps to be seen. Here is a typical display from this exhibit, and this one also has a floor lamp.

Too Good to Forget: "Lighten Up" at Studios on the Park

This mixed media lamp below is one of my favorites. I like it because I need a lot of inspiration and bright ideas myself. Although to the best of my knowledge Nancy Vest has not yet been an artist in residence at Studios on the Park, she usually is a participant in the Paso Robles Art Association exhibits.

Too Good to Forget: "Lighten Up" at Studios on the Park

Ever wondered what to do with your collection of old cameras? Laure Carlisle had a great idea. Make a lamp out of them. I'll bet you've never seen a floor lamp quite like this before. Displays were crowded close together and in odd places -- wherever they would fit, so it was hard to isolate this lamp from its surroundings. I blew up the cameras a bit so you could see them in more detail without the shade.

Too Good to Forget: "Lighten Up" at Studios on the Park

Which lamp do you think is most inventive? Which would you rather have in your home?Have you ever made a lamp? Feel free to share in the comments. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

"The Circle of Life" on the Charolais Corridor Trail

Best or Favorite Photo of 2018?

This month's theme gives us a lot of leeway. But since we begin a new year today, I decided to chose Robert Roemisch's metal sculpture, "The Circle of Life," to feature. I've always liked this sculpture. It's the first thing that people notice on the eastern entrance to the Charolais Corridor Trail in Paso Robles. The trail itself leads to the River Walk along the Salinas River as it runs through Paso Robles. Roemisch wanted people walking the trail to be aware of the river's environmental and educational value as well as just enjoying it as a place to exercise. 

"The Circle of Life" on the Charolais Corridor Trail - A Sculpture by Robert Roemisch

Over the years I have taken many photos of this sculpture. I like this one, taken at dusk, because it emphasizes the silhouette animals in the circle. It also serves as a window to allow a look through the center at the plants on the other side. I've never yet seen a bear along this trail, but I have seen plenty of rabbits. Most of them detect me and run away before I can capture them with a camera. 

Please check out my poll on the Virily site, Charolais Corridor Trail in Paso Robles, to see which photos of "The Circle of Life" in my collection are most popular. I'd love to  know which you like best, so I hope you will vote, too. 

Happy New Year!

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