Tuesday, January 1, 2019

"The Circle of Life" on the Charolais Corridor Trail

Best or Favorite Photo of 2018?

This month's theme gives us a lot of leeway. But since we begin a new year today, I decided to chose Robert Roemisch's metal sculpture, "The Circle of Life," to feature. I've always liked this sculpture. It's the first thing that people notice on the eastern entrance to the Charolais Corridor Trail in Paso Robles. The trail itself leads to the River Walk along the Salinas River as it runs through Paso Robles. Roemisch wanted people walking the trail to be aware of the river's environmental and educational value as well as just enjoying it as a place to exercise. 

"The Circle of Life" on the Charolais Corridor Trail - A Sculpture by Robert Roemisch

Over the years I have taken many photos of this sculpture. I like this one, taken at dusk, because it emphasizes the silhouette animals in the circle. It also serves as a window to allow a look through the center at the plants on the other side. I've never yet seen a bear along this trail, but I have seen plenty of rabbits. Most of them detect me and run away before I can capture them with a camera. 

Please check out my poll on the Virily site, Charolais Corridor Trail in Paso Robles, to see which photos of "The Circle of Life" in my collection are most popular. I'd love to  know which you like best, so I hope you will vote, too. 

Happy New Year!

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