Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Sky Watch the Day after The Rain Stopped

Tonight's Sky after Two Days of Rain

The rain is gone -- for at least a week. When I went out tonight to look for a sunset, I expected a stunning one because we'd had many clouds during the day, in spite of a blue sky. But by sundown, it appeared the clouds were all heading northeast.

Sky Watch the Day after The Rain Stopped
Clouds Moving Northeast at Sundown

Sunsets on Zazzle You Can Send to Others or Keep With You

Time For Peace Wall Clock with Windmill in SunsetTime For Peace Wall Clock with Windmill in Sunset
I love photographing sunsets, and I've been able to collect some much better ones over the years than I was able to get tonight. Here are some I've made into Zazzle products that you can customize. Click images for larger views of the items on Zazzle. See more sunset cards and gifts here.

 A Skimpy Sunset

Looking west, most clouds were either gone or almost gone. The photos below were taken at intervals of a minute or two as I sought to find some evidence of color in the sky. The contrails added a bit of interest, but not much color.

Sky Watch the Day after The Rain Stopped

Sky Watch the Day after The Rain Stopped

As you can see, I'm moving my camera a bit toward the north with each shot.

Sky Watch the Day after The Rain Stopped

This last photo shows the most cloud I could get in one shot. They had almost all moved northeast by the time I started shooting.

Sky Watch the Day after The Rain Stopped

Here's one to pin on one of your sky or sunset boards.

Sky Watch the Day after The Rain Stopped


Monday, January 8, 2018

First Really Rainy Day This Year

The Weatherman Was Right and it Did Rain Today

It looks as though the roof repairs held, and the garage remains dry. The flowerbeds are wet, as they need to be. And the oak tree across the street is reflected on the sidewalk that leads to my front porch.

First Really Rainy Day This Year
Oak Tree Reflection in my Sidewalk on This First Rainy Day This Year

This was no fine mist that barely left a trace. This was a real rain. Listen for yourself.

I like the sound of that, don't you?

The Promise of Rain Was in the Sky Last Night

I took this in the late afternoon.

I took this next one as sundown got closer.

Finally the sun went down, illuminating the clouds that promised rain to come.

Did you enjoy rain today?

See my take on The Blessings of Rain in music. 

See more of my sky photos at ClickASnap. Here's a sample from that album. 

Saturday, January 6, 2018

A Slow Transition from One Year to the Next

The Old Year Ended Not with a Bang, but with a Whimper

My last post explains where we found ourselves two weeks before 2017 ended. It should help you understand why this post has been so long in coming. We've been surviving. First there was my husband's accident. Then we both got the flu.

A Slow Transition from One Year to the Next

There were numerous doctor appointments for my husband the last week of December, and some days a friend drove him because I was too sick to drive. I thank God for my Covenant Presbyterian Church family who fed us Thanksgiving dinner when I was too sick to cook, helped with my housework, and got my husband to medical appointments when I couldn't. 

By December 28 we had learned that besides the flu and his injured rotator cuff, my husband was also fighting a prostate infection and will need a biopsy when he finishes his course of antibiotics. My friend who took him to the urologist took good notes. Now we are waiting that out.

I'd been unable to take him because I had almost passed out that morning. I've been fighting heart palpitations and dizziness, as well as the flu. I have to take one day at a time. On days when I was able I had made a crock pot of turkey soup and another crockpot of pot roast with lots of vegetables. That is the only cooking I managed to do, but neither of us had much appetite.

As the year ended, we were both still weak. Between New Year's Eve and January 4 I had lost five pounds. I do not recommend flu as a weight loss technique. My younger nephew, whom I'd not seen since Christmas 2016, was scheduled to visit on January 2. There were still preparations to be made.  Again, my church helped prepare the way for his visit. We really wanted to see him, but had to give him a realistic idea of what to expect. He chose to come anyway, and I'm glad he did.

A Slow Transition from One Year to the Next
My Nephew at Sunset January 4, 2018

The New Year Arrived Quietly to our Home Hospital, and So Did Joey

I was scheduled to pick up my nephew Joey at the Paso Robles Train Station Tuesday afternoon. All morning I was exhausted. We had about giving up on seeing the plumber who hadn't showed up to fix the shower in the guest bathroom during the over two weeks we had waited for him. He decided to come just when my friend was scheduled to come clean. We worked around him.

By the time Rebekah and I (mostly Rebekah) were through doing what we could to make Joey's visit more comfortable, I had only about 90 minutes to rest before it was time to go to the station.  I'm thankful God gave me enough energy to pick him up and get him here. His visit was a blessing to all of us. He stayed until yesterday afternoon.

A Slow Transition from One Year to the Next
Joey Peeling a Hard-boiled Egg I Had Prepared Ahead

Joey was fortunately an easy guest to have. He was willing to eat leftovers and the fresh fruits and veggies I had around. He played chess with my husband, who was starting to feel almost human again, though he was and is still weak. We looked at family pictures, told family stories, and had honest conversations that lasted far into the night. Time seemed to fly by. We even did a brief photo shoot Thursday afternoon to capture the sky. He is naturally photogenic and could probably be a model should he choose to.

Saying Goodbye to Joey

When I took Joey to the train station Friday afternoon, I really did hate to say goodbye. We got a few more photos there to document his getting on the train.

A Slow Transition from One Year to the Next
Joey Getting Ready to Board Amtrak Coast Starlight Going South

Then I hung around the station after he left to photograph some of the oak trees and vehicles coming and going around Velta Circle. You will be seeing more of those in future posts. I'm hoping to be ready by Monday to start getting back to a normal life as the new rounds of medical appointments start. I'll be posting here as I find time.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Accidents, Good Neighbors, and Caregiving

Good Neighbors

Sunday morning while I was a home recovering from a bad cold, my husband had gone to church. About the time I was expecting him to come home, my doorbell rang. I wasn't going to answer because I was still in my robe and PJ's, and I figured it wasn't someone I knew or wanted to talk to, but I asked through the door who it was. "Your neighbor. Your husband fell outside." 

I ran out to see him flat on his back with blood on his face, surrounded by my closest neighbors who had already called 911. I hadn't heard his cries for help. The neighbors stayed with him while I ran in to get dressed to go to the hospital. He landed here at Twin Cities hospital while I was driving  over. 

The Emergency Room at Twin Cities Hospital

This is the first time either of us had ever taken the ambulance ride to Twin Cities. I wrote about our updated emergency room there in another post,  and I've also written about some of our other visits. Sunday I was more concerned about provisions and reading materials, should they be needed, so I didn't take my camera along. I knew my husband would need me there. And I knew he'd be hungry and need a snack for strength before the trip home.

By the time I arrived he was in a bed and someone was X-raying his arm. They had determined that nothing was broken. The blood on his face came from the glasses he was wearing, though, fortunately, they didn't break. They must have torn the bridge of his nose when they fell off. His cheeks and knee also had some scrapes. He had fallen on his right side. 

They finally determined he had injured the rotator cuff on his right arm. They put the arm in a sling, gave him some Norco, and sent him home with me. By the time we got home he was dizzy from the Norco, so I went across the street and two neighbor men from that house came and helped me get Hubby from the car to the house. 

Learning to Be a Caregiver

There was a reason I never became a nurse. I empathize too much with people in pain, and often have passed out when I see people in pain. I hope I've gotten over that, but I still leave the room rather than watch blood being drawn or bandages yanked off, etc., if there's nothing I can do to help. 

I never was a mother to a baby or toddler. My youngest child came to us when he was five. So learning to help put on and take off four layers of clothes (undershirt, long-sleeved shirt, and two pullover sweaters) hasn't been easy. Today during Hubby's cataract surgery, a nurse taught me a trick to make it easier. The pain level has subsided a bit, but both of us are frustrated when he can't do normal everyday activities without a bit of help. I don't mind helping, but first I have to watch him try to do something himself before he will let me help. He doesn't like my having to help him do what he normally does himself. 

I'm still not quite over my cold, and all the early hours of getting him to medical appointments and the extra workload have left me more exhausted than usual. I noticed today that either a root canal or a dental implant may be failing. The tooth hurts, but I can't remember whether it's an implant or root canal. That could be contributing to my tiredness. 

In any case, the added daytime responsibilities and night exhaustion are preventing me from blogging or doing much social networking. Sleep seems more important now. 

There are still unsolved medical issues, like what is causing my husband to suddenly lose his balance. Sunday morning he thought he had tripped while taking a can to the curb, but the night before he got off-balance in the kitchen for no reason at all. All this will mean more medical appointments and I don't really want him to drive himself until we find out why he's losing his balance or getting light-headed. We've decided it's best to stay home than to travel to be with family over the holidays. 

I'm hoping to get back to more regular blogging by New Year's Day. 

Meanwhile, Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays to all, whatever and wherever you are celebrating. 

Friday, December 1, 2017

The Greatest Gift

The Best Gifts Express the Heart of the Giver

God expressed his heart of love for mankind when he gave himself as the ultimate gift.

He saw hate and darkness and exploitation of the poor by the powerful. He saw lust and greed and abuse of power. He saw that those who were supposed to lead and guide his people were often abusing them for their own gain. But he had promised throughout the Old Testament to deliver them.

 Like many today, though, they didn't really understand what he meant. They expected a powerful warrior king who would deliver them from the Romans. They weren't expecting a babe who would grow up to deliver them from their sins. They weren't expecting the Light of the World to expose what was in their own hearts. That is why so many rejected the gift. They wanted to hold onto their sins -- not be delivered from them.

What is in Your Heart?

Today, wherever in the world you live, there may be fear in your heart. Many fear we are on the brink of the worst kind of war ever -- nuclear war. Many feel they are at the mercy of powerful interests and barbarian terrorists. Many wonder how peace is possible. They wonder what happened to the Prince of Peace they hear about during the Christmas season. 

The Prince of Peace is here. He came to bring peace to human hearts by offering himself in order to reconcile sinful humans to their holy and sinless God. He brings the gift of peace and reconciliation to all who confess the sin in their hearts and want new hearts. He offers the gift of new hearts that are inclined to love rather than hate their Creator. He offers forgiveness for sin and a peace that passes human understanding. 

Jesus said of himself: "I am the light of the world; he who follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life." He is both gift and giver. He forces himself on no one, but offers a relationship to all who want to walk through life with him. What you do with that gift is up to you.   

Today is Theme Day for City Daily Photo Bloggers. This month's theme is "Gift." See what other bloggers around the world posted to this theme

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

On the Road to Who Knows Where

The Photo Walk that Wasn't

I was in Templeton today for a doctor appointment I didn't know had been cancelled. But I decided to make the most of it and take a photo walk. I started at the construction site on the corner of Posada Lane and Las Tablas that I started photographing last week. The plan was to then go to rural east Templeton and take some pictures, so I headed off on Templeton Road. I parked along the side of the road and hadn't walked far when I found this lost glove in the bike lane. I don't want to even think about what's on that glove.

On the Road to Who Knows Where
Lost Garden Glove on the Road, © B. Radisavljevic


When I visited the doctor a week ago, I noticed construction was underway to replace the medical building that had burned down a couple of years ago. Last week the foundations were almost finished. This week framing was off to a good start. I took several photos, but I'm just sharing these two now. I took these shots from Las Tablas Road.

Construction on Posada Lane in Templeton
Construction on Posada Lane in Templeton, © B. Radisavljevic

Below is a new trench. I noticed when I uploaded the photo that I'd shot past this olive tree which is loaded with olives.

Trench on Templeton Construction Site on Posada Lane
Olive Tree Loaded with Olives near Construction Site on Posada Lane, © B. Radisavljevic

East Templeton

When I'd finished shooting my construction photos I drove over to Templeton Road in rural East Templeton, where I intended to shoot a lot of rural photos. Here are the only two I have to share. First this odd shaped oak tree caught my eye. It's had quite a pruning job. It is currently sharing its space with some trailers, trucks, and heavy equipment.

On the Road to Who Knows Where
Grotesque Oak Tree in Rural Templeton, © B. Radisavljevic 

The horse properties were a bit prettier. I took several photos at this farm, but liked this one best.

Horses Grazing in Rural Templeton
Horses Grazing in Rural Templeton, © B. Radisavljevic 

After I shot this, something strange started happening to my camera lens. It zoomed and wouldn't come back. then I got the message that there was a lens error and my camera would shut down automatically and I'd have to restart it. So I put it back in its case and decided to take the scenic route home to Paso Robles via El Pomar.

I got as far as Finley Family Nursery and decided to park there and see how the camera was doing. This is how it was doing.

On the Road to Who Knows Where
Blurry Photo Taken When Lens Malfunctioned

I kept trying to get it in focus and couldn't. Then I got the message that it was shutting down and I needed to charge the battery. Fortunately when I finally got home and charged the battery, the camera started to work again. Meanwhile, I missed a lot of good shots, including a spectacular sunset on the way home.

Getting Home Was a Nightmare

I thought I knew how to get from El Pomar to South River Road. I've done it. I wrote down the instructions for my husband. But I didn't have them with me. When I got to Creston Road, I turned south instead of north and got lost.

I drove for miles trying to figure out the way home and my gas tank was getting dangerously close to empty and the sun was going down. All I could see were vineyards and farms and no people. Finally I found a couple of men near the road and stopped. They told me to turn around and go the opposite direction on Creston and I'd finally get to Paso Robles. I guess I had driven all the way to Creston. Maybe it is time to get a smartphone -- or at least carry a map.

It's awful to be going full speed who knows where until one can find the way home. But I finally got to territory I recognized again and made it home without running out of gas. I've not been so happy to get home in a long time. It's what we think we know that we don't know that can get us in trouble.

On the Road to Who Knows Where - Getting Lost is No Fun

Have you been lost lately? How did it make you feel? 


Sunday, November 26, 2017

The Weatherman Predicts Rain and So Does this Sky

Rain Tonight?

As I saw the sky getting grayer and darker out the front window in the late afternoon, I thought it looked like rain was coming. As I cleaned up after dinner, I saw the view to the east still had some blue. But even this sky still appeared to predict rain.

The Weatherman Predicts Rain and So Does this Sky
Sky Predicts Rain, © B. Radisavljevic

So I checked Yahoo's Weather Page. I discovered I was right. Even Yahoo thinks it will be raining from about seven until nine in the evening. I will know about an hour after I post this if the prediction will hold. Meanwhile, better finish raking any leaves left in your yard, since it will be harder after the rain. Sycamore Leaves and Other Leaves Are Everywhere. 

The Weatherman Predicts Rain and So Does this Sky. Rake leaves now.
Man Raking Leaves into Pile, © B. Radisavljevic

Looking Forward to Rain

The Salinas River wants to look like this again. The grass is tired of being brown. The trees are thirsty. And I want a good excuse to curl up with a good book and drink cocoa and eat popcorn.

Funny Prescription Hot Chocolate MugFunny Prescription Hot Chocolate Mug

Get yourself a special hot chocolate mug for those bad weather days. Here are some of my favorites. And don't forget the popcorn. I prefer non-GMO popcorn

And if you need a good book, head on over to my book review site, Bookworm Buffet, for some suggestions.

Whatever you do, stay warm and content inside when the weather is cold and wet outside.

What do you like to do on rainy days?


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