Sunday, November 1, 2015

A Paso Robles Prank for Theme Day

This is Theme Day for members of the City Daily Photo blogging network. This month's theme is Ephemeral. Something ephemeral is temporary by nature. It isn't expected to last. Such was the case of the marque sign on this unoccupied old theater. The empty building has been bought and sold a few times,  but no one has yet transformed it into a new business. Someone added the colorful letters to the marque one night for the city to wake up to the next morning.

In my photo here, you only get part of the story of what the out-of-town owner declared was vandalism. The barricades to keep people out of the vacant building were also decorated with political slogans. You can read the full story and see the photo I was too late on the scene to get in this article from the Paso Robles Daily News. Slogan, posters, and and sign disappeared quickly. They were, after all, ephemeral.

See what ephemeral photos others posted from around the world here. 

Here some ephemeral sights people have captured captured on Zazzle products. most designs are available on a multitude of products. Just click through to find them.

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