Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Rain from Heaven

It's Raining in My Back  Yard, © B. RadisavljevicRain is a gift we've badly needed and it finally arrived Monday. Such a pleasure it was to hear the rain on the roof, but to make sure I wasn't imagining it, I took a peak out over the back yard. Yup! The patio and grass and trees were wet.

Naturally I had to get my camera out to document this rare event. After shooting this picture, I decided to see what the front yard looked like.  I didn't want it to rain on my  camera, so I stood on my front porch and looked out between the wall and the pillar to see over my flowerbed toward the street.

It's Raining on my Flowers, © B. Radisavljevic
It's Raining in My Back  Yard, © B. Radisavljevic
Those streaks you see in the photo are the streams of rain coming from the roof. They are forming a puddle that runs through the middle of the flowerbed. For a closer look at either photo, just click on it.

Here's a celebration  of the blessings of rain in music and photos. Enjoy.
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