Thursday, November 26, 2015

To My American Friends, Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving

Rest and Be Thankful!

Since everyone is busy today, I'll just share one of my favorite signs on Bethel Road in Templeton, California. It states very well what I plan to do today.

Rest and Be Thankful on Thanksgiving
Rest and Be Thankful Vineyard, © B. Radisavljevic

I know those who are cooking won't get much rest, but I hope everyone will find a reason to be thankful for something. A spirit of gratitude has the power to change lives. Thanksgiving should be a daily activity, not a yearly one.

Let Someone Know Today that You Are Thankful for Them

Someone passed on the thought to me that maybe it's good to think today not only about what you are thankful for, but who. So often we don't let the people we love know how important they are to us. What better time than around the Thanksgiving table? Or after the dinner is over? Take each family member or friend aside and let them know why you are thankful for them. It will probably mean more that way than if you do it as part of a formal activity around the table that might make shyer people feel uncomfortable.

Be Considerate of Recently Bereaved People Around Your Table

If you have any recently bereaved people around your table today, I hope you won't put them on the spot in front of everyone to share what they are thankful for. It may have been hard enough for them to even agree to join the family for dinner. Be ready with hugs if you see tears. Don't be afraid to share precious memories of the one missing from the table. Grieving people welcome knowing that others haven't forgotten their loved one.

Hope your Thanksgiving is a meaningful and joyous one.

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