Friday, October 9, 2015

Pete Johnston Has Come a Long Way -- Scenes from 2010 Pioneer Day Parade

Disabled Tractor, Pioneer Day, 2010, © B. Radisavljevic
Disabled Tractor, Pioneer Day, 2010, © B. Radisavljevic
Here are some highlights from the Pioneer Day Parade, 2010. The parade backed up at one point because this vehicle got stalled. The parade couldn't move on until it could get started again. In this photo, they are trying to start it. Click to see the photo full size.

Too bad Pete Johnston's tow truck wasn't able to get out of formation and come rescue the tractor. The tow trucks have come a long way since these were in use.

See more of the vehicles in this video clip of the 2010 parade. You will also see horses,  Mexican dancers, NCCS, Bitterwater Bitties, lots of old cars, Studios on the Park, International Club, Masonic Lodge, Winifred Pifer School,  Cortez  for Sheriff, and more. Enjoy.

Have a happy  Pioneer Day!
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