Sunday, March 22, 2015

Templeton Farmers Market March 21

One of the things I love most about living in Templeton is its Saturday farmers market. I got a late start today, so the strawberries I'd wanted were sold out,  but I did get some lettuce, tomatoes, and broccoli. I also took a look at the craft and plant vendor tables.

One booth I can never pass without stopping to look is Serena’s Grown from the Heart. I normally buy my herbs and vegetable plants from her booth when I have a place to grow them. I did buy several herbs from her today, but I have no idea yet where I will plant them. I also bought some lettuce and another chard plant. I like Serena's plants because she grows them from organic seeds. I've been buying from her  for years.

Right next door to Serena was Ralph Johnson. He was selling tomato and pepper plants, also organic, but I'm afraid to put them in the ground yet. One year I was sure it was warm enough, I planted when the weather was in the nineties in April, and we got a freeze the next weekend. Here's what I did to try to revive my near-dead tomato plants that year.  Anyway, I decided to pass on buying tomato or pepper seedlings from anyone this early. 

Ralph did have something I wanted though. He sells organically grown seeds, and I bought a pack for growing quinoa. The nice thing about buying from the people who actually grow your plants is that they can give you lots of advice on planting and raising them. 

Although I rarely need or buy craft items, I love looking at them and would know where to go if I ever needed a special gift for someone. Today I was intrigued by Barbara Hope's handcrafted soaps and other handmade gift items. I suggest you click on this photo (or any other here) to enlarge it for a closer look at all the goodies on Barbara's  table. 

Since you can't really get a good look at Barbara's soaps in the photo above, I'm going to show you a close-up one of them I especially liked -- the frog soaps. Barbara also sells handmade greeting cards, essential oils, and other gift items. Although she doesn't have a web site yet, she will ship anywhere. She sells locally at various  farmers markets in Baywood, Pismo Coast Plaza, Templeton, and Morro Bay.

This is only a bit of what I saw on display today besides the produce. Probably half our market at this time of year consists of craft items and ready-to-eat foods. I will show you some of those products on another day. When you see too much at once, you can't focus on anything very well. 

Do you go to a farmers market in your town? If so, does it have more than produce?
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