Friday, March 27, 2015

Solar Power Is Popular in Paso Robles

If you listen to our radio and television stations you will hear a constant stream of commercials for solar power companies. If you look around town, you will see many businesses and homes have used their services. This first photo was taken in my walk through the Spanish Camp area this week.

This second photo was taken of a medical office building on South Vine Street. The solar panels are on the roof of the building. If you click the photo it will expand so you can see the details better.

I have seen solar power even in areas that were mostly forest, with only a few places the sun can reach. This last photo was taken in West Templeton off York Mountain Road. Most of that area is oak forest, and in places it is so thick with trees you can hardly see the light coming through. These solar panels are at the top of a hill. I took the picture from a hill on the opposite side looking towards it across a valley where there were homes.

Are  people  using solar power in your community? Do you see it most often on roofs, on the ground, or in some other place?
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