Monday, March 9, 2015

Caliza: Where Anderson Road Road Ends

Caliza Tasting Room, Paso Robles, California
I was short of time for my photo walk today so I decided to drive to the Caliza tasting room parking lot at the end of Anderson Road. The tasting room itself was already closed, but I was given permission to walk around and take pictures. The first one is as I approached it.

It was still a short walk to the entrance, and I was accompanied by birdsong. The shrubs were full of color and some of them were also very fragrant. I was distracted by a jackrabbit crossing the street in front of me, but before I could snap his photo, he had disappeared into the bushes.

Entrance to Caliza Tasting Room in Paso Robles
I finally got to the entrance. I photographed it from a distance because I knew that otherwise I would be catching my reflection in the door.

There are a number of wonderful views if you continue to walk the road behind the tasting room. I shot way too many photos there to post here. There are rolling hills and trees that belong to an adjoining cattle ranch. There is a road on the other side of the fence that seems to lead there, but it is gated. You can see part of that road below. In the past the cattle were close enough to photograph, but not today.

You will notice a slope that meets the woods on the left side. That's where I was surprised to find my jackrabbit friend sitting stock still. I walked to the curve in the road and back, and after almost twenty minutes he hadn't moved. I give you his picture below.


You can get to Anderson Road from Highway 46 West. It has the entrances to many wineries, including the Tooth and Nail Winery and Tasting Room. It ends in the Caliza Parking lot. There are five tasting rooms you can get to in that one short road, and it makes a scenic walk from one end to the other.
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