Saturday, March 28, 2015

Would You Like a Room With An Oak View?

I suppose that would depend upon a number of factors At the Paso Robles Travelodge, just about every room has a view of these oaks in the center lawn. Anyone staying here will see plenty of other giant oak trees downtown as they make their way to wherever else they plan to go. But one could just grab some coffee and sit out near the oaks and get ready for the day ahead.

From what I've read in the Yelp reviews, the oaks are about the best thing about this motel, and it's better to see it from the outside than the inside. I've never been inside, since I live here, so I don't speak from experience. I just read Yelp's 2014 reviews. I suggest you do, too, before you make reservations.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy the oaks just by walking by. Here are two more views.

Paso Robles does have some excellent hotels and motels if you want to stay here while visiting Wine Country or one of our many festivals.  But since conditions can change for better or worse any time ownership changes, I suggest you always read the reviews before booking. Yelp is a good place to start. There's more than one place to stay in Paso Robles that has oak trees.
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