Monday, March 23, 2015

Large Oaks Near the Old Carnegie Library in the Paso Robles City Park

I'm taking it easy today, so this post will be short. Most of my readers have figured out that I love the oak trees that live near me. Paso Robles is named for its oaks, They were here before the almond trees or the grape vines that later brought Paso Robles to national attention.

Some of the city's largest oaks are downtown, and some dwell in the City Park. That is where this one lives. It is next to the old Carnegie Library, now the Historical Museum. This photo was taken around February a few years ago as it was beginning to get dark.

To see a view of more of the park's trees and the old library building itself, which has become a landmark to all who love Paso Robles,  I show you this photo. The tree above is just one of the large oaks in the City Park. This photo shows you more of them, as well as some of the other trees. The photo was taken in June, 2011, before the restrooms you see in the background were replaced. The Old Carnegie Library building is not small, but you can see how the trees dwarf it.

Does your city have one of the original Carnegie libraries? Does it have large oak trees?
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