Saturday, March 21, 2015

A Whimsical Sculpture in San Luis Obsipo

Little Theater Sculpture in San Luis Obispo, ©B. Radisavljevic
Every now and then I have appointments that take me down the grade to San Luis Obispo. That gives me some photo opportunities I don't have in the North County. Often when I have to wait for a car to be repaired, I just walk around town to see what I can see.

On one occasion, I was walking downtown past the the San Luis Obispo Little Theater and I saw this fanciful sculpture beside it. So this is what I will share with you today. You can click to enlarge this photo.

I'd also like to show you a close-up of the base, with the artist information and more detail. It's amazing how many times I had been in San Luis Obispo and never noticed this.  In case the photo doesn't expand enough when you click it, it was a tribute to Bill Beeson created by Carol Paulsen and Stephen Plowman.

Base of Sculpture beside Little Theater in San Luis Obispo ©B. Radisavljevic

Are there any sculptures in your area you especially like to see?

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