Friday, March 20, 2015

Hometown Nursery Is Now Lonesome Town

It saddens me to walk downtown in Paso Robles and see how many businesses are no longer there that use to thrive. It's especially sad when a business used to be one of my favorites has disappeared. Such is the case with Hometown Nursery. 

Of all the general nurseries in the Paso Robles area, Hometown was my go-to place for gardening inspiration. It was a place of beauty, with bright flowers everywhere, a whole section of shade-loving plants, and perky herbs and vegetables in season. They also had a good selection of organic seeds.

One day, they moved to the other end of town and although they probably thought it would be a better location, it was harder to get to them and harder to find a place to park. It seemed not too long before they were gone from that location never to reopen in Paso Robles. Now they are just gone. And this empty house and its grounds remind us that Hometown Nursery is no more. Click to enlarge the photo and see the poppies. 


The plants that loved the shade used to live here.

The grassy areas between the paths used to hold tables loaded with colorful flowers and seasonal vegetables and herbs ready to move to your garden. Now only  the trees, that have seen even the town itself begin, mark the place. 

As for the bright flowers, only two remain. The poppies in the second photo from the top above, and the bushes loaded with these pink flowers you see below. The only ones still working here are the insects who take what they need from the flowers and the birds and animals who harvest the acorns from the oaks. 

Has your town lost any businesses you used to patronize? 
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