Sunday, March 8, 2015

Enjoying Larry Moore Park the First Friday of March

It struck me last night while I was on a walk around my Paso Robles neighborhood that I was seeing what many of my online friends in other parts of the country and the world are longing to see. Sometimes we California Central Coast residents take our lovely weather for granted. For example, these two were out playing basketball at Larry Moore Park while some people in other states are shoveling snow for exercise.

 A short distance away, this father was helping his son learn to bat. Please notice the father and both sons are wearing shorts. Why not? It was in the eighties. That's also why the one of the ladies in the next photo is wearing a sleeveless shirt as she walks to the car. Our weather was beautiful while friends in Canada were still complaining of the snow and posting photos of icicles.

Should I mention that I started my walk about 5:45 in the evening? So these ladies below were walking to their car about 6 PM and it was beginning to get dark. Today was also warm and sunny, and it appears spring is very near.

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