Saturday, March 7, 2015

A Visit to the Tooth and Nail Winery Castle

Tooth and Nail Castle Entrance
Ever since Eagle Castle Winery Closed over a year ago, I had been waiting to see what it was destined to become. I finally found out on November 29, 2014, shortly after the Castle had reopened as Tooth and Nail Winery. Although the parking area and the entrance have been redesigned and changed a bit, it's still recognizable as the same old castle from the outside. To compare, see San Luis Obispo County's Other Castle, a Pictorial Album. It shows you what Eagle Castle was like inside and out. It includes a video tour of the castle interior as it was then.

The castle still has its moat. Here is a better view of it. You can click any photo to enlarge it.

Tooth and Nail Castle Moat

When I was there last week , the clouds were putting on quite a sky show. So I was trying to get as many pictures of it as I could. That's one reason I wanted to go to the castle. It has great views from the second story veranda. I took this next shot from there. The view extends across Highway 46 West and all the way to the mountains.

Looking from Tooth and Nail Castle across Highway 46 West

Most visitors to the castle are more interested in the tasting room inside than the scenery outside. Since I don't drink wine, I'm an exception. That's why I don't attempt to review the wines themselves. But I can show you the tasting room. Since the castle changed hands, it looks a bit bare to me, since I remember how it used to be when it was filled with treasures to look at and to buy. Now there is only what most people come for -- the wine and a place to enjoy it, inside the tasting room or out on the veranda. Here is a group enjoying their wine in the tasting room.

Enjoying Wine in the Tooth and Nail Tasting Room

There was also a group by the fireplace on the other end of the room and a few people at the counter. It was too cold for anyone to be outside on that late November day. I took the outside pictures on March 2, but it was still pretty cold. Below is how this corner looked when it was still Eagle Castle.

Antique Piano from Eagle Castle Tasting Room

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