Friday, March 6, 2015

Exploring Venteux Vineyards in Templeton

On the way home from a doctor appointment Tuesday, I decided it was time to stop and explore the vineyards at the Venteux Winery and tasting room in Templeton. Usually I never get beyond the front, building, the estate house (pictured here), but this time I discovered the windmill in back by the tasting room and there was a basketball court next to it where a team was being coached. (See below.)

I took this photo of the windmill from the ground level, but the other photos were taken when I was on the hill near the water tower above one of the vineyards. You can click any of these photos to enlarge them.

From the hill I had a great view of the sky, and the turkey vultures were circling overhead. Unfortunately there is not room to show you all the photos I took here. But I do want to show you two more. When I was at the very top of the hill, I could look down on one of the Templeton neighborhoods and the hills beyond it. It was those hills I had been trying to find a clear view of all day. They are south of where I'm standing.

I came down the hill through the vineyard and from there I took this last photo of the winery itself -- the place where the magic happens.

You can see even more beautiful photos and learn more about Venteux wines at the Venteux website.
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