Tuesday, March 31, 2015

An Unexpected Horse Encounter

I had no idea where I would go photo hunting today, since time was limited. I had to go to Templeton, so I decided to explore a road to its very end, just to see where it went. I almost couldn't get on it because the road entrance was blocked by a huge tow truck trying to get a stalled motorist back on the road. They recommended I just go over the low curb to get around them. So reluctantly, I did.

The road I had selected was Twelve Oaks Drive that goes past the Doce Robles winery, vineyards, and tasting room. I had often walked part of that road, but I never had seen where it ended. It actually wasn't as long as I thought it might be. It's curvy and goes through a grove of oaks and then crosses over a dry creek on a sort of bridge. As I was crossing the bridge, I look over the edge and saw this. You can click on the picture to make it bigger.

I zoomed in to get a closer view. I could tell it was a beautiful horse.

I was parked on the bridge and had gotten out of my car to snap the pictures. That's when I discovered this lovely horse had friends.  I had gotten back in the car, and when I looked out the window, I saw the group moving toward the bridge and my car. They seemed curious.

I would have loved to have stayed and watched them longer, but I was parked right on the bridge and there was nowhere to park on the side of the road. The road ended on private property almost as soon as I crossed the creek. I reluctantly headed for home. Fortunately the road was no longer blocked.

Have you had any surprises today?

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