Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Atascadero Lake Has Some Water Again

Atascadero Lake, March 9, 2015
Atascadero Lake, March 9, 2015
I finally got a chance to get to Atascadero this afternoon to check out the lake. I've been wondering if any water had returned since we've had rain this year. I posted in November about the effects of the drought on this lake and showed comparison photos of the full lake in 2012 and the dry lake last November. I also documented the state of the lake in December, 2013. It includes with a video of the dredging of the lake as part of its restoration. I took this photo today from the second story balcony of the Lake Park Pavilion. In 2012 the water would have covered right up to the edge of the rail and all the grass you see in the background. A view looking toward the pavilion is in the post card below. It was taken when the lake was full.

 Naturally I was happy to see enough water was in the lake for the ducks and and other water birds to swim in, but I still couldn't believe there was enough rain to put it there. It turns out I was right. I ran into an old timer at the Faces of Freedom Memorial next to the park and he told me the overflow from a creek higher up was being piped into the lake. However it gets there, I'm glad to see it.

I'm sure the birds are, too.
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