Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Middle of Nowhere is Right in the Heart of Somewhere in Paso Robles

Would you believe the scene in this photo is within a five minute walk of a busy shopping complex? The corner of Niblick Road and Creston Road holds a shopping center anchored by Food 4 Less, a pet store, and a constantly changing parade of restaurants and shops.

If you continue east a couple of blocks past Creston, where Niblick becomes Sherwood, you will see an industrial complex on the right and a mobile home park on the left. Then Sherwood ends and if you turn right you will be on Fontana.

To your right on Fontana will be more industrial buildings. But on your left is open space and a view of vineyards in the distance. If you look to your left just before you turn right onto Fontana, you will see what's in the photo above, about a block away. If you want to have some fun, click this link to Google Earth View and move the map around to follow the streets to see what I'm describing. Follow Linne east and zoom in along the way to see vineyards, an oak-lined dry riverbed, and agricultural land, all within a few minutes of industrial and commercial areas.

Entrance to Berry Hill Farm on Linne
That's how a lot of Paso Robles is -- city on one side and rural on the other, yet you can walk the space between in two minutes or less. To the east of this farm house is bare land until suddenly it turns green with grape vines and you have entered wine country. As you drive right on Fontana you will soon curve to the left onto Linne, and that will take you right past vineyards, a sheep farm, a Berry Hill Farm, and, after a few minutes, out to Sculpterra, one of the city's most interesting wineries. But we will show you that on another day.
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