Monday, February 9, 2015

Antique Corner in Paso Robles

Most people think of shops on Spring Street when they are looking for antiques, but on a stroll down Pine Street one day in March, 2013, I discovered a row of antique shops on the corner of 14th Street and Pine. I was delighted at all that was available inside. I posted some photos about those shops then in my article, Downtown Paso Robles: An Insiders View. The photo on the left was taken at Two Susans Antique Store in 2013.

This week I went back to see what had changed in almost two years. In a word, everything. The merchandise in both The Cottage and Two Susans appeared to have completely turned over, and the proprietors confirmed that new items are always appearing to replace what has sold. I did notice, though, that there seemed to be less antiques this year and more simply nostalgic gift type items than when I was last there. The proprietors of both Two Susans and The Cottage stock their stores themselves. This photo shows their storefronts. You can click any photo to expand it.

The largest store in this row of antique stores, Reminisce,  is really more like a mall with separate booths managed by those who use the space. The storefront, or at least part of it, is pictured to the left. It is right on the corner of 14th Street and Pine.

Each display has its own character. I snapped a photo of this display which shows the average size of the spaces and how much can be displayed in each booth. I can't say this display is typical, since, of course, every display has unique items and its own character. Some are thematic and some are a bit more inclusive of just about anything that appealed to the curator.

I found the mailbox below in the corner of a neighboring booth. It appealed to me because I like unique mailboxes and because I'm a book seller. So why would I not love this?

If you come to Paso Robles in search of unique items in an out of the way corner of downtown, be sure to visit these shops. 
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