Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Odd Places to Find Shopping Carts

I suppose that stores in most cities and even small towns lose a lot more shopping carts than they would like. Sometimes people without cars walk to the store and bring the loaded carts home with them. Maybe they return them to use the next time they go shopping, and maybe they just leave them there.

In Paso Robles, a shopping cart can turn up nearly anywhere. The one you see at the top left I saw jammed against the fence by along the Salinas River Trail above the river. I have also seen the carts in the riverbed under the Niblick bridge and at various other locations on or near the trail. The riverbed is a popular camping place for the homeless population here. Yes, we do have a homeless population.

I'm not sure why this shopping cart is under this tree along Pine Street near 4th Street. I'm sure it has a story. I just don't know it. Anyone care to make one up?