Sunday, February 15, 2015

Almond Trees are in Bloom Everywhere

This is the time of year I become obsessed with finding almond trees in bloom. I know they are here. But they can be in some out-of the way places. Many are in long-neglected orchards left from the era when almonds were more important than grapes in Paso Robles. They are left on hillsides to bloom as God sees fit to keep them going, and many of these orchards can be found along Kiler Canyon Road between Vine Street and Arbor Road.

I found some other blooming trees today where I did not expect to find them. In the top photo is one (or is it two) of them. It helps when you click on the photo to enlarge it, because the larger, or mother, tree doesn't show up well unless you do. Almond blossoms are very small.

What's amazing to me about this tree, or trees, is that the small one, though appearing to be separate, is also connected to the mother tree, which is some distance to the left. Perhaps it's a sucker. But in this photo you can see how the roots are all connected --  if you click on the photo. There were a couple of other trees near this one on this same wall of soil that looked like baby trees, and they indeed might have sprung from fallen nuts years ago, or might have sprung from the roots of older trees. It's hard to tell. But it is unusual to see them on the side of the road on a slope like this with so many roots exposed.

Have you seen almond trees do this before? What trees are in bloom where you live?
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