Friday, February 20, 2015

Old Farm Equipment Turns Ornamental

Paso Robles has many vineyards and small farms, often in close proximity. Arbor Road is one of those roads that has both. The same day I was following Kiler Canyon Road in quest of blooming almond trees, I also continued on to Arbor Road to get to Templeton.

The North end of Kiler Canyon is entered from Vine Street near the Marriott Hotel. After passing the almond trees and some small farms and vineyards, it veers off to the right and continues all the way to Peachy Canyon Road over a long dirt road though an old old forest with some amazing trees to be seen. You can see the photos I took on that part of the road in this article: Kiler Canyon Road, A Scenic Drive in Paso Robles.

If you turn left at the intersection of Kiler Canyon and Arbor road, you will also find yourself on a dirt road for a while, but it's a smooth dirt road. It was on this road I found the farm that's in this photo. If you click on the photo to enlarge it, you can read the lettering on the old wagon to see how this farmer uses it now to make a statement, or, perhaps, his prayer: "God Bless America."

Summerwood, June 2014
Continue on this road a couple of more minutes and you will come to the paved portion that ends at West Highway 46, the door to the 46  Wine Country beside Summerwood Winery. To go from Vine Street to 46 West will take about twenty minutes -- if you don't stop to take pictures. It's a beautiful drive on a sunny day. If you are ever here, don't miss it.
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