Friday, February 13, 2015

Back to Studios on the Park

Studios on the Park is like an art hub in downtown Paso Robles. I have been enjoying visits to it often since I found it in 2010. Today was my first visit in months, since my recent surgeries have restricted my activities outside my home. Now my restrictions are lifted and I can drive again. That's why I decided to stop by the studios after I left the post office today just to see what's been happening. The current juried exhibit is announced here in the Window: Eat Your Heart Out. You can enlarge this photo or any other by clicking on it.

Almost no one I knew was around today, and there had been many changes since my last visit. Artists had moved and new artists had taken their spaces. Galleries had been shuffled into new spaces, as well. I did make it into the "Celebrations" exhibit of the Paso Robles Art Association and I took a picture of the art piece that won first place. It's by Nancy Vest. She has been doing a lot of mixed media art. The title on this one is "It's a Boy!"

I have always thought of Nancy as a photographer, because I first saw her work at the Ranch Dressing Exhibit in 2010. Here’s what Nancy herself says about her photograph, which she allowed me to share.  “The photo “Never Let The Horse Drive” is a photo of the mule LaVonda looking through the wrecked truck. Mules know they are smarter than horses so that is what LaVonda is conveying: “Never let the horse drive” if you want your vehicle back in one piece! I was at the right place at the right time do get her to look at me with just such an expression.”

My very favorite thing I've seen of Nancy's is called "Love Letters by Snail Mail." It's also mixed media. It was part of the 'Love Songs" exhibit in February, 2012. Don't you think it's clever?

To find out what's happening on any given day at Studios on the Park and for information about exhibits and resident artists, visit the Studios on the Park website.
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