Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Bird on a Bridge from a Bridge Over the Salinas River

Those who have walked facing south in the bed of the dry Salinas River have probably seen this pipeline bridge that begins on the end of Oak Lane. I happened to catch this bird perched on a cable that was helping to anchor the bridge. (You can click this or any of these photos to enlarge them.) As you can see, the river under the bridge is dry here, since we haven't had enough rain to fill the river this year yet.

This  photo shows you how this bridge is anchored from this end. It was taken at the end of Oak Lane, looking across the river from the east to the west, on Sunday, the same day I took the picture above this.

Here is the bridge as one walks toward it in the riverbed. This was taken in January, 2013, when there was water in the river. Don't forget to click to enlarge these photos.

For a totally different perspective, this was shot from underneath the bridge as I was walking in the riverbed that same day in 2013.

Does your city have a river running through it? What sort of bridges to you have crossing it?
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