Tuesday, May 19, 2015

R is for the River

The dry bed of the Salinas River after a Rain. © B. Radisavljevic
The Salinas River runs through the North County and plays a large part in our lives even if we never visit it. It has the fourth largest watershed in the state of California. The California State Water Resources Board has designated it one of the most critical watersheds in the state. Yet if you go down to the river you will hardly ever see water in it. This is the way we usually see it. Even though we don't see the water, it's still there, flowing under the riverbed.

Water the Salinas River in a Wet Year. © B. RadisavljevicSometimes, in the years when we have rain, we will see some water filling the river in late winter or early spring. This  photo and the one below were taken in those wetter years. Both photos were taken by accessing the river at  Larry Moore Park.

Log in the Salinas River in a Wet Year. © B. Radisavljevic
If you are looking for a detailed article on the importance of the river and its ecology and restoration, you will want to read Salinas River: The "Upside Down' River. For more photos of the river in both the wet season and the dry season, check my article, The Two Seasons of the Salinas River. I also picture some other rivers I have visited there.

The river has inspired me to make many products on Zazzle. These posters are some of them. You will see larger versions if you click through to the site.

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