Wednesday, May 6, 2015

E is for Earthtones

Earthtones Gift Shop and Massage Center. Photo © B. RadisavljevicEarthtones in Paso Robles is one of those stores that doesn't wait quietly for you to discover it. Rather, it sort of grabs your attention as you walk by and you can't help but notice it. If you don't pay careful attention to its sidewalk and outdoor hanging displays when you walk past, they just might connect with you in a physical way.

Earthtones seems to be mostly a gift store from the outside, but it is also a spiritual mediation and massage center offering workshops and classes in such things as Yoga. It portrays itself to be a healing place where massage therapy, Yoga and Reiki circles are available, along with a variety of inspirational gifts. You will find it on Park Street, just west of 13th Street. If it's open, you can't miss it.

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