Thursday, May 21, 2015

T is for Trains

In Paso Robles that would be the Amtrak trains that run along the edge of the river and 101 freeway through Paso Robles. I don't think we can "hear the whistle blow a hundred miles," but when I am trying to fall asleep I'm sure I must hear it for at least ten miles.

I actually see the trains most often when I'm walking in Larry Moore Park in the late afternoon. They run above the park about 4:45 PM. If I'm far into the park at the right time I can often get a shot. If I'm not as close as I'd like to be when I hear the whistle blow from Templeton, I hurry quickly to the river's edge to see if I can beat the train to the place with the clearest view. Even then I have to use my zoom, since the train is on the other side of the river.

One late afternoon in October 2014 I was walking along Pine Street near Fourth Street when I heard the whistle of the train leaving the station. I knew I'd have to  walk  pretty fast to get a shot. This was the best I could do with my zoom that day. All I have is a point and shoot, because I need a small camera when I'm out walking. You can click this or any photo to make it larger.

One day I  got really lucky. I heard the train pull in when I was right by the station. I ran to the sidewalk  next to the tracks and got this video just as the train was leaving to go north. It's a bit shaky at the beginning because I was running.

That same day I took this picture as passengers were boarding before the train pulled away. Then I turned it into a postcard and a poster on Zazzle.