Friday, May 29, 2015

My Search for the Musical Petting Zoo at the 2015 Paso ArtsFest

Overview of Paso ArtsFest 2015, © B. Radisavljevic
I love the PasoArts Fest, but this is the first year I've been able to go. I had to skip its inauguration last year because I had just had foot surgery and couldn't do the walking. I have, however been a fan of the Paso Robles Festival of the Arts since I became aware of it in 2010 and was amazed at the production it was in 2012. I captured as much of it as I could then in photos and on video. The photo on the left shows an entrance to the exhibit area for the Paso ArtsFest this year, 2015.

I've developed a knee problem, but still decided to attend the ArtsFest this year to check it out, even though I couldn't stay more than an hour. I expected it to be bigger and better than ever, and I immediately tried to find my favorite attractions. One of those is the Musical Petting Zoo. Traditionally, this has been an exhibit of a wide variety of orchestra instruments. Children were allowed to come and try them out. It's an exhibit I could always find by the sounds. I couldn't find it.

I looked for the 12th Street ArtsFest booth where Norma Moye usually welcomes everyone and it wasn't there. I discovered it was closer to Carnegie Library this year. Norma and the other ladies checked the map and directed me the Musical Petting Zoo, I couldn't see it where  I'd been told it was. I couldn't even hear it.

Martin Espino Sounds of Ancient Mexico Booth, Paso ArtsFest 2015,  © B. Radisavljevic
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I finally asked people in the booths surrounding its supposed location. Finally someone told me they had cancelled at the last moment. I was directed instead to this booth, which I had seen coming in right where the the Musical Petting Zoo usually is. It seems they were filling in.

Martin Espino Sounds of Ancient Mexico Booth, Paso ArtsFest 2015, © B. Radisavljevic
I went back to the booth and saw that the children were having fun making music there, as well. Maybe they will have a chance to experience the orchestra instruments again next year, but this year they are having a more cross-cultural experience.

I somehow missed the environmental exhibits this year if there were any. I was hoping to find the Airstrike Bird Control Booth I've enjoyed in the past, but if it was there, I didn't see it. Perhaps there was just not enough room for the non-art exhibits this year.
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