Wednesday, April 1, 2015

My Camera-Shy Selfie

On the first day of every month, the City Daily Photo Blog site has a theme day, and all associated  bloggers join in. The theme this month is to post a camera-shy selfie. This is the one I have chosen. I had many shadow photos I could have posted, but I believe hiding behind my camera is sufficient disguise. Besides, I've always liked this picture, even though it is the result of an accident.

This photo was taken long ago as I left a medical building. Another patient had left her dogs in the car, and I wanted a picture of that black lab you see in the window. As you can see, I got the picture. So intent was I on the dog, that I didn't see until I got home that I had also inadvertently gotten into the picture myself.

Now see what other City Daily Bloggers have done with this theme.
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