Thursday, April 9, 2015

A Castle on a Hill At Dusk

On my way home from Templeton to Paso Robles tonight, the sky was so beautiful and the field around the vineyards so green, I found a way to park and get some photos of those fields before they turn brown again.  I love the rural areas when they are so green. That only lasts as long as we get rain. This is usually the last month we get rain until fall or winter.

After I took the pictures here, I crossed the street to get some photos of the wineries. I want to share this one of Tooth and Nail Castle from a distance at dusk. When I'm at the castle or too close to it, I don't get the full effect of it being on top of the hill.

Tooth and Nail Winery used to be Eagle Castle, and although I have heard from some people that the wine wasn't much to rave about, the castle itself was something worth seeing. Not so much now. All the lovely antiques are gone, but you can still see them as they were in North San Luis Obispo County's Other Castle: A Pictorial Album. 

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