Friday, April 10, 2015

Why the Tent in the Park?

Set Up for Eroica California, 4-9-2015, © B. Radisavljevic
That's what I wondered when I walked to my car near the park this afternoon. City Park in Paso Robles does not usually have a tent in it unless some event is about to take place, but I wasn't aware of any major festivals happening this weekend. I decided to take pictures first and find out what was happening when I got back to my computer.

Set Up for Eroica California, 4-9-2015, © B. Radisavljevic
Once I got on my computer, I discovered that what will occur is Eroica California, an event which will bring cyclists from all over the world to ride one of three beautiful routes through our Central Coast Wine Country and along our coast. The rides will begin and end here in the park.

There will also be a vintage bike fair. Maybe that's what the tent is for.  There are also tents set up on the other side of the park. All the information about the events and the routes can be found on the Eroica California website. 

As you can see, they were still setting up the tents as I left. It should be a lovely ride for the participants, but motorists in wine country should be extra careful this weekend. 

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