Friday, April 3, 2015

Oh, Deer!

Exploring a New Neighborhood with Active Deer

I decided to take my daily photo walk somewhere different today. So I drove to a road I normally can walk to, and then turned left and drove a few blocks to explore the hills on the south side of the street.

I've been in the tract homes on the north side, but the south side is like a different world. It's where the horse people live. And where there is lots of grazing for horses, the deer are sure to find it, too. I just never knew they were so close to my city home.

The deer below had been on the other side of the fence but decided they wanted hop over it to cross the street.

They are now about jump the fence they are standing beside in this photo below.

The conditions in this area were ideal for deer. Not only were there huge grass lawns and wild meadows, but there were also forested areas still undeveloped. Today the deer preferred the territory meant for horses.

 In the photo above the deer have gotten across the fence to join the rest of their herd. I think there were close to eight deer there in all, and many appeared very young.

Do deer roam your neighborhood or somewhere close to where you live?

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