Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sculpterra Is a Great Place to Find Unique Gifts from Local Artists

See Large Sculptures by John Jagger and Dale Evers at Sculptera

Sculpterra Winery  is known not only for its wine,  but also for its art. As you enter from the parking lot you are greeted by this big cat sculpture, "Golden Morning," by John Jagger. As you enter the garden, you see even more sculptures by John Jagger, and some newer ones by the new resident artist, Dale Evers.

"Golden Morning" by John Jagger at Sculpterra Winery

Find Smaller Replicas of the Sculptures for Sale in the Tasting Room

Not only does Sculpterra feature these impressive large sculptures in its outdoor sculpture garden, but you can find smaller replicas of some of them inside for purchase in the tasting room. This display in the window show some of Dale Evers' work for sale. John Jagger's work is displayed in other parts of the tasting room.

Dale Evers' Art Displayed for Purchase at Sculpterra Winery

Sculpterra Also Displays and Sells Wall Art by Local Artists

Art on display at Sculpterra is not limited to sculpture. Each month there is a wall devoted to a visiting artist.  The Artist of the Month for April, 2015, is Jack Oliver and you can see most of his wall display here. The work of other artists using different media can be seen throughout the tasting room. If you enjoy art or giving art gifts, you are sure to find something unique there as you are enjoying your wine.

Find more photos and a video tour of Sculpterra.

The art of Jack Oliver on display at Sculpterra, April, 2015

This book features beautiful color photographs of Sculpterra and other spectacular central coast wineries. I first saw it at the Lavender Festival one year at the Sculpterra booth, and that's how I decided I wanted to pay Sculpterra a visit.

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