Saturday, July 4, 2015

Independence Day at Sculpterra

Independence Day at Sculpterra, 2014
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In my opinion, if you aren't spending the Fourth of July afternoon with your extended family or at a city park with your kids, the place to be is Sculpterra Winery, surrounded by trees, vineyards, sculpture and neighbors. It a place for those who want an adult celebration without the sack races and egg throwing. You will hear music and inspiring patriotic speeches from community leaders. There is food and drink. There is also the opportunity to relax and converse with your neighbors and friends.

This photo came from last year's party. We also attended in 2013. We are very thankful that Dr. Warren Frankel has invited the community to come and celebrate what is special about the United States of America even as we thoughtfully consider what we can do to preserve a heritage which many people today aren't even aware of. The party is from noon to four on July 4. If you're not busy, come. Just bring yourself, maybe a friend, your sunscreen, and your American spirit.