Saturday, July 18, 2015

Garfield Relaxing in Herb Garden

Garfield the Cat Resting in Herb Garden, © B. Radisavljevic
About this time last year, we still had neighbor cats visiting us every day. Usually they hung out on our porch. On this particular day, Garfield was taking his nap in one of our herb gardens, between the irises and the rosemary. It was almost exactly a year ago.

A lot has happened since then. Our butterfly bush was blown down by the wind and now blooms from a horizontal position. Unfortunately, it doesn't photograph well in that position. The branches now grow upright from the ground, but the flower spikes still bloom in all directions as they did when the plant was a tree taller than I am.

Much worse than that, though, is that Garfield also disappeared this spring. Our neighbors started with four cats. One of them  had a kitten. Now the kitten is all they have left. I hate to think what happened to the others. I miss them all.

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