Saturday, July 25, 2015

Get a Bear Statue for Your Lawn or Garden

The Creek Led to the Bear

I saw a bear statue one day while I was walking the creek path that begins near Mission Plaza in San Luis Obispo. Here's how it happened.

I decided to take the path farther than usual, past Mission Plaza, under the bridge near the art museum, and to the other side. This seemed to be where the ducks were hiding out. I've never seen them in the creek near the mission.

Get a Bear Statue for Your Lawn or Garden
Ducks In San Luis Obispo Creek ©B. Radisavljevic

A Bear Statue Can Make Your Yard Unique

At first I only noticed the ducks, and I spent a lot of time photographing them. Then I happened to look to the other side of the path and I saw this bear statue on private property.

 It seemed appropriate, somehow, to see the bear so close to the creek. I'm guessing that had anyone been thinking of climbing that fence at night to rob the house, he would have had second thoughts after seeing that very realistic bear. Bears have been spotted in San Luis Obispo, and it would not be unusual to find one near a creek. After dark,  the details might be obscured.

Get a Bear Statue for Your Lawn or Garden
Bear Statue Near San Luis Obispo Creek, ©B. Radisavljevic

A Closer Look at the Bear Statue 

I have put just the statue, without its surroundings in the photo below. Have you ever noticed this statue when you walked the creek? It's a large as a real bear.

Get a Bear Statue for Your Lawn or Garden

Would you like a bear statue similar to it in your yard? Maybe this close to life-size bear below would deter trespassers who are up to no good. I personally might be intimidated by it were I to encounter it. If I saw it, especially at night, I'd be inclined to go quickly in the opposite direction.

Maybe you'd prefer a smaller bear, or a bear cub or two climbing one of your trees? The climbing bears have brackets in the paws to mount them on the trees. The reviews indicate that the Toscano bear sculptures wear really well.

The tree hugger attaches with a keyhole on the side of the head. You will need a long screw or nail to attach it.

None of the statues below are life-size, but they get high ratings  from those who have bought them. Most customers love them because they are so adorable and make great conversation pieces. I'm partial to the cubs in the trees.

Which is your favorite bear statue? 

Get a Bear Statue for Your Lawn or Garden.

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