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Studios on the Park Brings Art to All Ages

How Much is that Guitar in the Window?

On my visit to Studios on the Park, our Paso Robles local art hub, I noticed this guitar in the window. There was a sign: "Win this guitar," but with no details as to how to win it.

Studios on the Park Brings Art to All Ages
 Electric Guitar for Some Lucky Winner  Photo © B. Radisavljevic

If you've never been to Studios on the Park, a peak past the reflection in this window will give you a glimpse. The art on the walls ranges from paintings to mixed media.  The doorways you see lead to individual artist studios and galleries. You will often have an opportunity to meet the artists in their studios.

After I took this picture, I went back inside to find out how one might win this guitar and how long the opportunity would last. I discovered that the guitar is a custom-made Gary Kramer electric guitar. Find out more about its construction and history here.  Proceeds from ticket sales went to support art programs for both children and adults. Find out more about these art education programs. 

Reflections on Studios on the Park

I have enjoyed visiting Studios on the Park for many years now. I've met many talented artists, seen their work, and watched their demonstrations. If you're interested in art and you're in Paso Robles on a weekend, you simply need to see what's happening there. A wonderful time to visit is the first Saturday night of each month. That's when you can experience the magic of Art After Dark. Don't miss it. 

I have increased my understanding and appreciation of art through my many visits with artists at Studios on the Park. As I reflect on those visits I see that the   artists I've met are very much like me in wanting to express their talent in a unique way. They use all kinds of media to carry their message. I use words and a camera.  I'm not very good at drawing or painting. 

It's not the particular talent we have that's important, but how we develop and use it. I don't have to create paintings or mosaics or sculptures to appreciate the skill that goes into making them.  It is enough to watch the artists in action and listen to them explain what goes into creating. What a wonderful opportunity those at Studios on the Park offer to anyone who wants to create or learn more about art. We are fortunate to have it in our town. 

Studios on the Park Brings Art to All Ages
Harold Spencer at Work in His Studio in April 2015, © B. Radisavljevic

Go and meet the artists while you can. Resident artists come and go. Some have left this world for the next. I'm so glad I met Harold Spencer before he died last year. Read his obituary to see the caliber of artist you can meet just by walking into Studios on the Park. His work is still on display in his old studio. I used to visit him there often to watch him work and talk to him. I miss seeing him now when I visit, but even living artists you can meet today may have moved by next month or year. 

As a regular visitor to Studios on the Park I've watched as artists develop and grow. Some have changed styles many times. I walked in one day and it seemed almost all the painters were creating abstract art. I'm not sure why.   Others experiment with new media, styles, or themes independent of what the other artists are doing. I'm getting to the place now where I almost don't need to see the artist's name to know whose work it is among the past and present resident artists.  Past residents often place their work in the monthly exhibits. 

Become a regular visitor. Then you will notice who's coming and going and catch up on studio gossip, as I did last night. Most of all, you'll keep up with the Paso Robles art scene and have a good time. So don't miss Art after Dark on October 7. There will be lively music, fine wine, and refreshments -- if you look around. It's a great introduction to Studios on the Park.  See you there. 

Studios on the Park Brings Art to All Ages. It's the art hub of Paso Robles connecting artists with those who want to meet them. It helps those of all ages learn to appreciate art.
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