Thursday, October 19, 2017

Roofing Repairs: Not Music to My Ears

I Knew Roofing Repairs Would Start Today

I knew that roofing repairs meant noise early in the morning. I'm a night owl, so I was unhappy with this knowledge. I'm currently listening to banging. drilling, and I'm not sure what else as I try to write this.

Roofers at Work, © B. Radisavljevic

This not only drives me crazy, but it also disrupts my sleep. I normally blog and network until about 2 am. I normally sleep until about 10 am. The noise started this morning at 8:30 am. I'd like to finish this post before I leave for a doctor appointment this afternoon, but even with white noise on, I can't escape that loud banging from right over  my head. Of course the roofers are currently working right over my office.

Two More Days?

My husband, who decided we had to get this done so we could beat the rain that might come this month, said this would take three days. This morning he said they might finish today. I hope they do -- for the sake of my sleep and sanity. I'm a peace-loving person who hates loud noises. I especially hate them as alarm clocks. Going to bed earlier doesn't help because my body clock can't be changed that easily.

I think this would be a good day to drop by the other house after the doctor appointment and pick up my scanner and precious photos that are still stored there. I want to move them because we are more likely to have fires in that area than in the city.

A photo walk in that area might also be good, since I haven't been to my favorite vineyards yet. Some are sure to be ready to harvest.  Maybe I'll even eat lunch out -- after the doctor weighs me. Maybe I'll start my friend Beverly's new book, Death Takes a Spin,  over at the other house. I was going to wait until after the blog challenge was over to start a mystery, but I'm writing ahead to cover it. I suppose I could even start reading at the gym. I haven't been there for ages.

The Mess

It seems whenever a repair needs to be made, whoever does the work makes a mess while it's in process. Some clean up their messages afterwards and some don't. At least this mess is materials that will be used. I won't know if the workmen will leave any debris until they are gone. Meanwhile, my neighbors probably aren't happy about these materials being stacked right on our property line.

Repairmen Put their Supplies and Trash Anywhere Convenient for Them. 

Looking Foreword to Peace and Quiet Again When This Is Over

For now, though, I plan to escape the noise while it lasts. I hope by tomorrow I can go back to a normal schedule without the noise or the unwanted wake-up thumps and bangs.

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