Sunday, October 15, 2017

Burned Out!

California is Still Burning, but I'm Burned Out

Burned Out!
What's Left after a Small Fire in the Larry Moore Park, © B. Radisavljevic

I pray for the firemen and my friends too close to the fires for comfort. Some have had to evacuate but were able to return home. I've only had one fire get close enough for me to see from my yard this year, but it was minor, by the freeway, and put out before it could spread. Someone was dragging a chain and it sent sparks to the dry grass beside the freeway. It's good when a fire burns out or is put out.

I'm Burned Out

It's not so good when I burn out. There's simply too much going on here to pretend I can do it all. I'm remembering all the reasons I told myself not to sign up for another blogging challenge, but my self didn't listen. So here I am trying to do more than I can handle again. Tonight I'm going to revert to the blog requirement for City Daily Photo Bloggers. Post at least one photo from my city of Paso Robles.

Were I to try to do another post on an artist while in this burn-out-state it would not be fair to him. He's an artist I want to do a good job for. So I'll post another photo of day dying last night at Larry Moore Park. I took a much needed walk there last night to energize myself. I left during early dusk. I ended the walk when the sun was almost down. I took this photo near the end of the walk. I'm looking toward where the Salinas River would be if there were any water in it.

Burned Out!
End of the Trail at the End of the Day, © B. Radisavljevic

Burned Out! A Bad Case of Writer Burn-out

Good night, or good morning, depending upon where you are in the world today.

When is the last time you felt burned out?

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