Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Art after Dark: Steve Johnson Explains His Work in Progress

Meet Steve Johnson, New Resident Artist at Studios on the Park

I actually met Steve a week ago when it wasn't so crowded, and that gave us more time to get acquainted. He shares a studio with painter Judy Lyon and the works of the late resident artist, Harold Spencer. Steve's wall of paintings is behind him. The paintings hanging at the back of the room are the work of the Harold Spencer. I miss him every time I visit Studios on the Park.

Art after Dark: Steve Johnson Explains His Work in Progress

Steve is very excited about his work and I love the enthusiasm with which he discusses it. Like most of the resident artists, he is happy to answer questions. When I saw how much Steve loved his work, I asked if he would let me video his explanation of the work in progress you see on his drawing board. It's obvious he considers his talent a gift from God and that he wants to honor God with his work. The current drawing has a Biblical theme related to the Christmas story of the visit of the Magi.

Let's Watch the Video Now

This video was completely spontaneous. I had never met Steve before this night. Neither he nor I had expected to make a video. But when Steve started to talk, I knew I wanted to preserve what he had to say. I hope you will be glad I did. 

Another Look at Steve's Shared Studio

The photo below was taken the night of Art after Dark.

Art after Dark: Steve Johnson Explains His Work in Progress

Steve's work is to the left of the photo. Harold Spencer's work hangs on the back wall. Judy Lyons works on the right side of the studio as you look in. She paints lovely watercolors of local scenery. She is rarely around at night.

The shot below is candid and unposed. It was cut from the shot above to size for Pinterest. Steve isn't facing the camera because he's engaged in conversation with someone you can only see in the photo above.

Art after Dark: Artist Steve Johnson Explains His Work in Progress to Those In  His Studio. Watch him describe his latest work on video.

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