Monday, October 9, 2017

Paso Robles Art Association Throws an Art Costume Party

The Paso Robles Art Association Hosts an Artist Reception Every Month

The party normally coincides with Art after Dark dates, but the artist receptions usually start at 5 pm, an hour earlier than Art after Dark. I usually go to Studios on the Park for the PRAA reception before five to get an early start. I go directly to their Showroom Gallery near the back of the building.

Paso Robles Art Association Throws an Art Costume Party

Each month has a new theme to inspire the artists, who then try to address it. This month's theme was appropriately "Costume." Some artists came in costume,  but some only put the theme in their works. By the time I took this photo, the party had become quite lively.

An Early View

Saturday I was later than I wanted to be because my Charter technician hadn't called to confirm our 6:00 appointment and I wanted to make sure my husband was home before I left. He never did call and he didn't show up, either, so I'm glad I didn't stay home. They must have fixed our connection remotely and not bothered to tell us.

I usually arrive to these art events early because the early birds usually find the best parking -- unless there are too many of them. I was really lucky Saturday night. Someone pulled out right in front of me, right across the street from Studios on the Park. Naturally I swooped right into the place. When I entered the building, it was almost empty with hardly an artist to be seen. I did run into artist Jordan Hockett as he ran between studios arranging things. I'll be featuring his art in a future post.

When I arrived in  the Showroom Gallery, they were still setting up. This is how it looked when I arrived as the party began.  There's still plenty of food, and the art is easier to see when there aren't so many people blocking the view.

Paso Robles Art Association Throws an Art Costume Party

Not All Art Hangs on the Wall

Although many painters and photographers participate in these art exhibits, not all the artists have works that can hang.  Here is one of my favorites from this show. Unfortunately the title of this acrylic painted bottle created by Deprise Brescia was only partly legible. It appears someone had left a cup on it and the title was smeared. I'm glad no one harmed this delicate but elegant artistic expression . I love the way the shadows dance on the wall behind it.

Paso Robles Art Association Throws an Art Costume Party

Deprise Brescia is also responsible for creating "Breath of Fire," an encaustic mixed media piece that does hang on the wall.  "Orange Magnum," which was created by a guest artist, sits below it. What a shame someone had to leave that drink behind. I wasn't sure whether to cut it cut or not, but that would have also cut off the design on the bottom of the decorated bottle.

Paso Robles Art Association Throws an Art Costume Party

I wish I'd managed to get a photo of my favorite painting, but somehow I didn't. It might have been too crowded when I found it. The painting was an exquisite tree in its "autumn costume."

Speaking of Costumes

Were I to give a prize to the best costumes on the peope I saw, it would go to this pair. I'm sorry I didn't get their names. They were so social I had to round them up to get this photo of them together, since they were both circulating with others, usually with their backs to the camera. I'm glad they agreed to pose for me.

Paso Robles Art Association Throws an Art Costume Party

So Much to See, So Little Time

This the second of my series on the October Art After Dark event at Studios on the Park. Here's yesterday's post, Welcome to Art After Dark at Studios on the Park , Part 1. I have often written about Art after Dark and Studios on the Park in the  years I've written this blog. To find the related articles, just use the handy search box in the right side bar. You will also see the future posts I'm about to write if you look in the Blog Archive near the bottom, in the right-hand column of the of the side bar. 

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Paso Robles Art Association Throws an Art Costume Party

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