Thursday, October 12, 2017

Time to See the Creator's Art

Creativity Comes from God

We are made in the image of God. That doesn't mean we look like him. It means we share his characteristics and desires. One of those desires is to create. Thus artists express their creativity using paint, charcoal, pencils, clay, marble, and even scrap materials and turn them into something new that they conceive in their minds.

Time to See the Creator's Art: Nature Photos

So far as I know, though, none of them have been able to create anything like this sunset I captured from the Walmart parking lot last night. They can only use their art materials imitate or respond to what they see . So let's take a break in our series featuring the artists at Art after Dark and see the work of the Master Artist -- or at least my limited images of it.

Sky Views and Trees I've Seen This Week

After I left Studios on the Park Saturday night, I took a walk in the park to get more photos. Here are some shots I got of the sky and the trees.

Time to See the Creator's Art

Of course, the trees are also God's creation. Joyce Kilmer got that point across eloquently in his poem "Trees," which  has been put to music. I like this beautifully illustrated version sung by Paul Robeson.

The shot below focuses more on the oak tree than the sky. Although all trees are magnificent in their own way, it's hard to match strength and dignity of the oak.

Time to See the Creator's Art

My Posters and Canvas Prints at Zazzle Featuring Sunsets and Trees

Please click them to see a larger view. 

Some of My Favorite Photos that Feature Trees at Sunset

This photo was taken at Larry Moore Park in Paso Robles one evening in mid-January, 2015. That center tree really does look as though it's lifting its arms to pray, even though the branches are leafless. 

Time to See the Creator's Art

The oak below is one of my very favorites, since it lives across the street from me in Paso Robles and often helps frame a sunset.

Time to See the Creator's Art

Here's the other half of that oak tree with the palms across the cross street. It was taken in the middle of June, 2013.

Time to See the Creator's Art: Sunsets and Trees

The photos above are just samples of the hundreds I've taken of the sky and trees. Every time I see the scene above it's different. The Creator never makes two sunsets alike. He never makes two people alike, either. He made us all to praise his name -- trees, sky, and people.

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