Thursday, October 5, 2017

Photos of Central Downtown Paso Robles at Dusk

I Love Downtown Paso Robles at Dusk

The sun is no longer bright and the signs of the businesses around the park are beginning to light up. People walk in the park because in summer and early autumn it's cooler than in the daytime. On this October 1 walk, even the moon was making an appearance. Below is a popular attraction, the Park Cinemas Theater.

Park Cinemas Theater, Paso Robles, © B. Radisavljevic

Here's a slightly different view available as both poster and postcard from Zazzle.

Parking in Downtown Paso Robles Around the Park

Good luck with that. The more popular Paso Robles becomes, the harder it is to find a parking place with a block or two of the park. At night on weekends it's almost impossible. Very few businesses supply parking, so most parking is on the street. I circled the park twice and even contemplated parking at the library and walking three blocks to get to Studios on the Park Saturday night. I finally found a place two blocks away on Park and 11th Street in a handicapped space (Yes, I have a placard) beside the park. As I walked toward my destination, I saw others still looking for a parking place.

Parking is scarce in Paso Robles on Saturday night, © B. Radisavljevic

An Old-Fashioned Sweet Shop

Got a sweet tooth you want to indulge while strolling around downtown? Try Powell's. Last time I looked it had all the candy bars and sweet treats the stores used to carry but are hard to find in stores now. I thought they'd stopped making them until I visited the Powell's SLO Sweets Candy Store.  Evidently the name is in transition. You'll find the store on the corner of 11th Street and Pine. It's in an historic building that used to house the Municipal Bathhouse around 1905.  Do you see the moon lurking behind the palm tree?

The Candy Store, © B. Radisavljevic

Pine Street at Dusk

There isn't room in this post to show you all the buildings on Pine Street between 11th and 12th across from the city park. I will show you these. As you cross Pine Street on 11th, you will be in front of the Park Cinemas. (Top photo) Walk west toward Studios on the Park and these are some businesses you will pass.

Red Scooter and Good Times (hidden behind tree) © B. Radisavljevic 

The Red Scooter is a deli open for breakfast and lunch. I've never tried it. After checking out their menu, I just may try it soon.  I've had lunch several times at the Good Times Cafe and been satisfied. It resembles a fifties burger hang-out. Or you could eat at the Paso Robles Inn across from the park on Spring Street for a more formal atmosphere. The food there is delicious. If you walk around the streets surrounding the park you'll find almost any kind of food you desire being served at one of the many restaurants on 11th Street, Pine Street, and 12th Street.

Walk a bit further on Pine Street past Good Times Cafe and you'll be in front of Pappy McGregor's Irish Pub. If you eat there you can choose sidewalk dining or eat inside. I've haven't eaten there since it was the Crooked Kilt years ago. It's only a few yards more from there to Studios on the Park -- my destination for the evening. I was not looking for food, but for a feast of art for my eyes.

Pappy McGregor's and Studios on the Park on Pine Street, © B. Radisavljevic

Souvenirs from Downtown Paso Robles

Clock Tower Downtown Paso Robles PostageClock Tower Downtown Paso Robles Postage

These are some other scenes you will find downtown very near the park. At Zazzle you will find even more Paso Robles designs. There are also more  product options for these designs. 

The Paso Robles City Park at Dusk

Since the park covers two city blocks in the center of downtown, I will not even attempt to get all of it in this post. Its most famous landmark is the historic Carnegie Library, now the home of the Paso Robles Historical Society. Did you see the statue of Paderewski in front of it? Paderewski loved Paso Robles. We outgrew the original library and build a new one. Tour the new library here. It's across the street from the park and shares a building with the City of Paso Robles City Hall.

Historic Carnegie Library in City Park, © B. Radisavljevic 

The other structure most Paso Robles locals think of in connection with City Park is the bandstand. It's used for special events and for the summer concerts in the park. It's also where some teens hang out in the afternoon. I'll devote an entire post to it soon. But to close this post I'll just give you one shot of it. See how tall the trees are in comparison? To the left is a glimpse of our brand new playground. We will also devote a future post to that.

If you don't live in Paso Robles, what first impression do you get of it from these photos of our downtown?

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