Sunday, October 1, 2017

The Sensual Bearded Iris

The Bearded Iris Is a Sensual Flower

Many flowers are beautiful or glamorous, but I can't think of one that is as sensual as the bearded iris. The City Daily Photo Bloggers theme this month is sensual so I will feature my photos of the bearded iris. This is also Day 1 of the October Ultimate Blog Challenge, and I've decided to participate. 

The Sensual Bearded Iris

How Can an Iris Be Sensual?

To be sensual, something needs to appeal to the physical senses. There can also be an element of sexuality in something sensual, but there doesn't have to be. I think irises have it all. Bearded irises have a delightful fragrance. They come in an array of colors. Their texture is smooth and silky. Their beards tickle when you touch them. 

The Sensual Bearded Iris

Wear my Irises

elegant flower blue iris Slip-On sneakerselegant flower blue iris Slip-On sneakers

I decided to show off some of my irises on T-shirts. Click through on any of the shirts to see the other styles and colors you can choose. I added the shoe that someone else designed because I thought it was beautiful.

Modesty Enhances Sensuality

Like a beautiful but flirtatious woman, the iris leaves much to the imagination. You don't see all of an isis at once. It actually emerges from a rather ugly bud that looks a bit like a distorted onion. It would be hard to imagine by looking at the bud how sensual the flower might be. 

The Sensual Bearded Iris

Would you guess it would look like this? Yet even with its flags unfurled, it does not reveal its golden center. The spider is looking for it. If you don't see the spider moving when the video starts, just click through to YouTube. 

In the photo below it appears the spider found what it was looking for. Look closely in the center. The spider is storming the inner sanctum of the iris in search of the pollinating insects which are attracted to it. 

The Sensual Bearded Iris

Below you can see an insect that will soon be trying to pollinate the iris it has chosen.

The Sensual Bearded Iris

Notice how modest the iris is as she keeps her private parts covered until she is ready to show them off.  Only the pollinating insects and their predators are allowed in under her folded petals.

Next time you see a bearded iris, touch it, smell it, and feast your eyes on all it reveals. It may be more sensual than you gave it credit for.

The Sensual Bearded Iris: Many flowers are beautiful or glamorous, but I can't think of one that is as sensual as the bearded iris. Let me show you why.

What do you like best about the iris?

See how City Daily Photo Bloggers worldwide have interpreted this month's theme of sensual.

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