Thursday, August 20, 2015

Unique Mailboxes on York Mountain Road In Templeton

Photos of Unusual Mailboxes on York Mountain Road

Walking along York Mountain Road in Templeton is like walking through an oak forest. Where the forests  have been cleared, you will find small farms, rural estates, and vineyards . Most of the road is shady on one side or the other. One can also spot some unusual mailboxes there. This is one of them.

Unique Mailbox on York Mountain Road, Templeton, © B. Radisavljevic

Some of the oak trees on the road are very old. So are the fences on the edge of the road beside the old oaks. Some of the barbed wire in the fences go in one side of an oak and come out the other. Here is a photo of one tree I saw with the wire growing through it.

Unique Mailboxes on York Mountain Road In Templeton

You may not live in an oak forest or be able to have mailboxes like these, but that doesn't mean your rural mailbox has to be like everyone else's. Even if you live in the city limits and have your own mailbox, you can make it special.  Find yourself an unusual mailbox at Amazon.   This link will also show you how to  dress up the mailbox you already have for holidays and changing seasons.
 MailWraps Glory Garden Mailbox Cover 04090

These are just samples of what you will find on Amazon to make your mailbox stand out. There are many decorative mailbox wraps, from sunflowers to beach scenes. There's even a barn mailbox.

Unique Mailboxes on York Mountain Road In Templeton

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