Sunday, August 30, 2015

Discoveries at the Home Expo Show in Paso Robles

Entrance to Inspired Home, Garden, and Gourmet Expo Paso Robles, 2015
Entrance to Inspired Home, Garden, and Gourmet Expo 
Today was the first day of this weekend's Inspired Home, Garden, and Gourmet Expo. My husband and I attended to get information for possible solutions to save more energy and soften our water. I will have to credit the sales reps for the companies represented for working hard during what appeared to be a slow show by the time we arrived in mid-afternoon. I'm afraid most of them were disappointed that they didn't succeed with selling us any of their show specials. It's not because they didn't try.

Inspired Home, Garden, and Gourmet Expo Paso Robles, 2015

This aisle shows some of the exhibitors at the show.

The rep  for this Whole House Fan wanted to be sure you could see how it was hidden from view when not on. It lives in the attic.

The one man who actually might have us returning to the show tomorrow to make a purchase was selling REM beds. My husband tried one just to humor me and because there weren't any chairs to sit on when he was tired. He's been talking about needing a better mattress. Trust me. After spending fifteen minutes on one of these beds, you will want one. My husband was of the opinion that a mattress is a mattress is a mattress until he tried this.

Hubby Getting up after REM Bed Demonstration
I already have a mechanical bed my mom bought about twenty  years ago. It will raise head and feet, but it has a cord and when  the massage is on it is very noisy and really shakes me up. The REM bed has a remote with many different settings and you can't even hear the massage. I don't know if we can afford two new REM sleep systems, but I'm hoping my husband will at least get one, since he needs it the most. I hope I'll at least get a new pillow. I've never experienced a better bed and it was amazing how pain in my back went away with a few touches of the remote to put me at zero gravity. Lying flat I had sciatic pain. With my head and feet in the right position, I didn't. I felt the pain  leave my back.

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